Everything happens in the open. No need to have strict rules who can access what information.

If you want to contribute to ECA put your contributions in the open and inform ECA about your contribution.

The specific process how this all happens is still a little bit open. Easiest way to begin any contribution if you are not sure what to do is to raise an issue in this repo.

If you have any questions you can raise issues in Github. The name issue here is misleading a little bit. It is used to mean pretty much anything. It is better to ask than not to.


If you want to contribute documentation you should submit pull requests.

The master branch in this repo is the latest and greatest consensus. All changes to the master branch happen from pull requests.

All pull requests are approved by the ECA chief architect. If the change is fundamentally changing the documentation then the chief architect raises the issue to the board. Board then decides what should be done, based on the proposal from chief architect.

Don’t hesitate to open pull requests, or raise issues :)

Source code or functionality

If you would like to contribute source code or functionality you need to sign Contributor License Agreement.

All source code and other material used in the reference implementation must be licensed so that ECA, and all other parties, are free to use it as basis for commercial production systems.

Please open an issue in this repository and tell what you would like to contribute.